What is average turnaround time?

Immediately we will start constructing a solid development Strategy. Once the strategy has been created we begin development. Each project comes with a milestone summary detailing the dates and phases of development.

What is required before we begin?

To ensure our designs are accurate from the start we require any assets (e.g. logos, images, videos, etc.), account information (e.g. server information, FTP, web logins, API keys, etc..), application content, conditions, privacy policies or other legal documents and any other related information.

Where are you based?

Our work is done on-shore in our Phoenix office.

How long have you been in business?

We have been operating since April, 2007, however our lead engineers have been developing for over 20 years and oversee and approve each project.

How does my business benefit from using custom software?

  • Increasing efficiency by taking over routine activities from individuals
  • Reducing the risk of errors by removing human involvement from routine manual tasks
  • Cutting costs in office materials by eliminating unneeded paperwork and manual administration
  • Providing up-to-date information on your business by automating business processes

What is your delivery and payment policy?

All of our rates are set out in the Development Proposal and Cost Specification Documents before we begin production on your project. Invoiced amounts are payable within 30 days of receipt of invoice.

What warranty and support are you providing after I take delivery of the final software version?

We work to the uncompromising standards expected in the software industry, we also certify all our software in accordance with accepted industry standards and practices. Exquisite Software, Inc. also provides a multitude of continual support services. Please contact us for more detailed information.

What is the minimum project size that you will accept?

We believe in giving extensive priority to detail with each of our clients visions. We have found that a 50 hour minimum gives us the reflection of our name, exquisite results. This allows our Exquisite Developers to cultivate a creative aesthetic uniquely fitting for your project. Exquisite Software Development appreciates growing businesses and establishing business relationships, so small projects are most certainly welcome. In just a short 8 years our project portfolio has built up to cover a wide range of clients - from big, blue-chip multinationals, to small one-man operations with a great idea. Our Exquisite Developers find that the viability of the project and its ability to excite is what matters.

Who owns the software that you write for me?

Once your project is completed and paid for the software is owned by you. This means you get everything that is necessary to build, maintain, or extend the software, such as “executable” files, source code, scripts, graphics, audio, project files, etc.

Will you sign a nondisclosure agreement?

Absolutely! Some of our clients want to safeguard their project idea before proceeding with a development company. This is no problem, as execution is what sets an idea up for success, and an NDA is the first step towards execution -- We like that!

Is it viable to outsource a software development to Exquisite Software, Inc. without meeting in person?

Provided the requirements and objectives of the development are clearly agreed with the client, there is no reason why contact by telephone, the Web and email should not be sufficient to successfully complete the project.

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